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We are pleased to offer assistance to you as you prepare to sell your property in the Bahamas. We specialize in the Abacos and are based in Hope Town, but our real estate expertise extends to all of the Bahamas.  
Our realtors are well-qualified professionals offering the best of local and international knowledge to accomplish the successful sale of your property. To this end, we mention here a few tips which may be useful to you in achieving that goal.
  • Choosing an agent – Hope Town Hideaways Real Estate has a team of experienced sales agents.          
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  • Establish the asking price – Let your Realtor know about your reasons for selling, your anticipated time frame and your expectations.  Your agent will provide you with information and comparables on the current Bahamas real estate market that will help you to price your property correctly.
  • Inventory - Most homes in the Bahamas are sold furnished. A detailed inventory of what is included with the purchase is beneficial to expedite a quick sale and should be prepared prior to listing the property.
  • Signing a Listing Agreement - Once a price is determined & you have selected a real estate agent, the MLS Listing agreement is signed, it formalizes the relationship and allows us to get started on SELLING your property.
  • Marketing - We will establish a marketing plan for your property outlining what will be done to get your property sold. This will include photography (although we encourage you to have professional photos taken at a nominal cost), advertising, signage and website exposure.  As a member of the Bahamas Multiple Listing Service we will offer your property for sale to all members throughout the Bahamas. Your Property will also appear on the Bahamas Multiple Listing website.
  • Showing the Property - Our sales agents will show your property to as many potential buyers as possible. They will make suggestions on how and when to show your home in its best light. First impressions will determine if a purchaser will even consider your property for a second viewing. The agent will send you feedback on showings and also on the condition of the property that could lead to a faster sale.
  • The Offer - When we receive an offer detailing all the terms and conditions, we will submit it to you in writing. You can then accept the offer, make a counter-offer or reject the offer. We will discuss the pros and cons of the offer with you and discuss with you your options moving forward if negotiations are necessary.
  • Contract - Once an offer is accepted, your Bahamian lawyer will draw up a formal sales contract. On the signing of the sales contract by both Vendor and Buyer and the payment by the buyer of the Deposit, the transaction becomes binding on both the Vendor & Buyer. The Contract is then firm and the deposit is only refundable to the buyer, if clear title to the property is not forthcoming.  We liaise with your lawyer to help facilitate an efficient process.
  • Conditions - Contracts are often contingent upon home inspections and/or appraisals. We will co-ordinate all of these efforts to make the process as seamless as possible. Real Estate transactions in the Bahamas on average take 90 days to complete.
  • Closing - Once all of the conditions of the contract have been satisfied and clear title has been proven the transaction can close.  It is then that title will be conveyed to the Buyer and you will receive the purchase funds.


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